Etterlengtede Liam kom på første forsøk

Just over a year ago, Elisabeth Salberg Moe became the mother of little Liam as a result of insemination. It was thanks to her girlfriend Ann Kristin Rønning’s wish that she would experience being pregnant – and good help from Medicus.

– It has been a process, this. We were in the tank early on, then turned it off again. But the decision to have another child gradually grew on us, and suddenly we checked alternatives and prices, says Ann Kristin.

Excluded from waiting long

For Ann Kristin, who has three children from a previous relationship, it was important that Elisabeth also got to experience getting pregnant.

– Elisabeth has always been clear that she wants her own children, and it should not be different because if we are a same-sex couple, she says.

The couple knew that they could get help with insemination at Rikshospitalet, but had at the same time heard horror stories about long waits. Medicus they came across through a friend of Elisabeth’s mother.

– It was impossible for us to wait long. At Medicus, we got started quickly, with tests and hormone treatment from January to April 2014. The actual insemination was done in September, Elisabeth explains.

The two were lucky, and succeeded on the first try. The semen that was inseminated came from a sperm bank in Denmark, and parts of the process consisted of choosing eye color and the like from a database.

– That part was very different for me too, a completely different process than the one I knew from before, says Ann Kristin.

Want more people to know about the offer

Elisabeth and Ann Kristin describe the process as exclusively positive.

– A lot happened by itself, and there have been few problems along the way. We always received good descriptions of what was going to happen and pleasant follow-up. It was exciting, but we always felt well taken care of, says Ann Kristin.

She admits that she was excited about what it would be like to have another child in the family

– There have been some thoughts, like what I want to feel for this child, and if it would feel like my young.

In retrospect, both are left with only good feelings.

– It’s something we really wanted. The phone call I got when they told me I was pregnant… It was absolutely magical, I was a nervous wreck, says Elisabeth.

For couples considering seeking help with having children, the two have one piece of advice:

– If you really want children, there is nothing to think about. Few know about the offer Medicus has, so I try to spread the word every time I have the opportunity. People still ask us if we traveled to Denmark, but the truth is that Medicus has the same offer with insemination in Trondheim, Elisabeth concludes.

Saken er først skrevet for Medicus’ magasin Mirakel som ble gitt ut i juni 2016. Ønsker du en utgave av magasinet Mirakel kan du bestille dette her.


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