Treatment with donor sperm

Treatment with donor sperm is offered when you are two women who want children. The treatment takes place in the same way as regular insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF), but the semen used for fertilization is from a donor. We have a collaboration with a Danish donor bank named Cryos. We will take care of the practical work of orders and shipment of the sperm, which you will be billed.

The treatment requires 2 straws with sperm. Order and shipment costs may vary depending on quality and if you want an extended profil of the donor. In addition comes expenses connected with the trial itself, and medical expenses.

Current donors profile
Once we have entered into an agreement for treatment, you will fill out a form where you select and list which donors you want our doctor to choose from . You will choose from donors who are approved for use in Norway on Cryos’ website. Those who are approved in Norway are the donors who are marked with the NO-standard and are non-anonymous.

Non-anonymous donor means the identity of the donor is kept in a national register. Medicus has no identity of the donor, only a code. If the couple chooses to tell their child that he/she is a donor child, only the child at the age of 15 has the opportunity to know the name of the donor. The donor has no parental rights to the child, even if the child chooses to know the donor’s identity. A donor has no legal rights to find out how many pregnancies he possibly originated. The number of children in Norway who can have the same donor is also regulated.

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In the third episode of MedicusPodden, you get answers to more possible questions about donor sperm.

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