Price list - gynecologist and assisted reproduction (IVF)

Below you can see the prices of our different services in different categories. You select the category by clicking the names of the different services, e.g. “Assisted reproduction (IVF)” to see the prices for the different types of assisted reproduction. 

Please select a location to see the prices for each clinic. 


Reservations and comments

We reserve the right to make changes in prices and procedures without any obligations other than what follows already concluded treatment agreements. We make reservations about any mistakes or changes in the price list, especially when it comes to external parties such as Cryos and pharmacies. 

Prices are valid from 15.07.2024.

Extra services

If you want extra services such as more samples, spiral posts, vaginal ring changes, implant insertion, freezing treatment, anesthesia or prescription, these are additional. The same applies to the purchase of any material.