Partner donation

Partner donation was allowed in Norway from 01.01.2021. This means that if you are a woman, and are in a relationship with another woman, you can have eggs donated by your partner if have minimal or no chance of becoming pregnant with your own eggs.

Why egg donation?

Some women have ovaries that don’t produce eggs, either for genetic reasons, due to age, or premature menopause. If this woman wants to become pregnant, she must get her eggs from another woman. The egg is fertilized with donor sperm and inseminated to her uterine cavity to develop after a hormonal pretreatment of the uterine lining. The pretreatment is to prepare the uterine lining so that it is ready to receive a fertilized egg.

Who can get egg donations?

After around 90 years of sperm donation in Norway, we can finally help couples become pregnant with egg donation as well. This means that if you don’t have eggs of your own, have the opportunity to carry a child with your partner.

Previously, partner donation was not allowed in Norway. However, after changes in the law, a woman can now receive her female partner’s egg if the woman who is carrying the child has minimal or no chance of becoming pregnant with her own eggs.

Unfortunately, there are still some the law does not include. Egg donation for two women where you don’t use your partners eggs is still not allowed, as the law requires that the identity of at least one party must be known.

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