The NIPT test can be performed from week 10+0 of pregnancy. In Norway, it is legal to analyze for conditions such as Trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome), Trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome), and Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) to determine if the fetus has a high risk for these conditions.

Medicus is approved to offer NIPT tests at our clinics in Trondheim, Oslo, Stavanger, and Bergen.

What is NIPT?

NIPT stands for Non Invasiv Prenatal Test. The test involves a blood sample from the pregnant woman, which can reveal if the fetus has a high risk for the conditions Trisomi 13 (Pataus syndrom), Trisomi 18 (Edwards syndrom) and Trisomi 21 (Downs syndrom). The blood sample is taken from the arm of the pregnant woman and is not harmful to the fetus.

I tillegg til blodprøven gjennomføres det også en ultralydundersøkelse for å undersøke hvor langt du er på vei, hjerteaktivitet, antall foster og om fosteret utvikler seg som normalt.

Who can take a NIPT test?

NIPT can be taken by all pregnant women from week 10+0 up to week 40+0. The exception is in the case of multiple pregnancies, where a NIPT test cannot be conducted.

If the pregnant woman has autoimmune diseases, cancer, infection, or a high BMI, there is a risk of an inconclusive result because inflammatory cells can camouflage the fetal cells. It happens in approximately 3-4% of the cases.

Here's how a NIPT test is conducted

A NIPT test consists of a blood test and an ultrasound examination, which are taken either by a gynecologist or a midwife. After you have booked an appointment through our online booking, the process goes as follows:


1. The NIPT School

Everyone who is going to take a NIPT test is required to complete the NIPT School before you come for the appointment. Here, you will read information about the test, and you will receive a digital certificate that you must show when you arrive at the clinic.


2. Consultation

You will receive further guidance and answers to any questions you may have from our gynecologist or midwife with whom you have booked your appointment. The practitioner conducts an ultrasound examination to check for heart activity, the number of fetuses, the length of the pregnancy, or if there are any deviations suggesting that another type of assessment would be more appropriate


3. Blood test

After the ultrasound examination, a blood sample is taken from the arm of the pregnant woman.


4. Analysis

Your blood sample is sent for analysis to Edda Laboratories, with whom we collaborate. Usually, it takes about 10 days before the results are ready.


5. Follow-up

Further follow-up depends on the results of the NIPT test With normal findings, you will receive a text message directly from the laboratory, and normally, no further follow-up is needed. In case of abnormal findings, one of our practitioners will call you for further follow-up.

What does a NIPT test cost?

The price of the NIPT test, including counseling, ultrasound, blood test, analysis, and follow-up, is 7,900 NOK.

Book an appointment for NIPT in Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger, and Oslo

All Medicus clinics are approved for and can perform the NIPT test.

You can easily find an appointment that suits you via our online booking.

Frequently asked questions

Basically, the answer to that is no. We must make sure that you are well enough informed and have received good enough guidance. This is done by checking the completed NIPT-school and supervision by one of our physicians. We also want a recent ultrasound to not risk doing a test under conditions that can give the wrong result.

At our clinic in Trondheim, you can book an appointment for only the blood test with our ultrasound midwife, but this requires that you have been to 1. trimester ultrasound at the hospital and bring documentation of it. The ultrasound must be carried out on the same day or the last day before the blood sample is taken. This is because we must have as recent information as possible when we take the blood sample.

Then you will receive an SMS directly from the laboratory that everything is normal. There you log in with your BankID to find the result.

One of our physicians will contact you by phone for further follow-up.

If the test reveals that the fetus has a high risk of one of the conditions, it must be confirmed with a sample of the amniotic fluid or the placenta.

Normally, the response time is 10 days.

No, it is a completely normal blood sample taken from the pregnant woman’s arm. The blood test therefore does not pose a risk to the foetus.

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