Pap smear

The Cancer Registry recommends all women aged 25 to 70 to take a pap smear every 3 years. By going to the screening and taking a pap smear we will be able to uncover the presence of cervical cancer.

When you take a pap smear with us, you will receive it from a specialist in gynecology – skilled with many years of experience, high competence and in a safe and quiet environment. We have gynecologists in Trondheim, Oslo and Stavanger to assist you.

When you take a pap smear at Medicus you also receive:

  • A gynecological examination to uncover signs of illness or change, and to examine the uterus, ovary and other organs of the pelvis.
  • A vaginal ultrasound examination with the help of modern ultrasonic equipment to give us good pictures of the uterus and ovary.
  • Relevant sampling, such as bacterial or chlamydia issues. At other times, it may be necessary to take hormone or blood test to uncover or disprove disease or imbalance in the hormone system.

We have no waiting period. No need for a referral. You can book your appointment online.

MedicusPodden on taking a pap smear

In the fourth episode of MedicusPodden, gynecologist Inger Øverlie tells us more about taking a cell sample.

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No waiting time. No need for referral.

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