Semen sample and semen analysis

Why do a semen analysis?

Male factor infertility contributes to 40% of cases of infertile couples. The presence of abnormal sperm parameters, found during a semen analysis, is used to diagnose male infertility. Although we are able obtain a lot of useful information from a semen analysis, the quality of one sample can vary from the next and thus a repeat analysis performed by an experienced embryologist at a Medicus clinic may be requested.

What is being examined?

Diagnosing male infertility involves a number of steps. The findings of an initial semen analysis can be used to carry out further investigations including a general physical examination, hormone profile and genetic testing. This will allow us to find potential causes, and provide you with advise on conceiving either naturally or with help of assisted conception.

Here at Medicus, we provide you with accurate and reliable semen analysis results. If necessary, these results can also be used to come up with a plan to potentially improve your sperm quality. Below are a number of important sperm parameters that are known to effect fertility.

Factors affecting male fertility

  • Concentration
  • Motility
  • Semen volume
  • Round cell concentration
  • Degree of DNA damage withe the use of the Sperm Comet test
  • Viscosity
  • pH of semen

What do I do?

Ideally we recommend an abstinence period of 2-3 days before the test. Below we have outlined the process step by step.

In certain circumstances we may recommend a further in-depth analysis known as the sperm comet test. This test examines the degree of sperm DNA damage and is perfomed in collaboration with the British lab Examen. Read more about the sperm comet test here.

1. Contact us to make an appointment

Rad Om Veien Videre

We will find a time that suits you. You can either come in to produce a sample at Medicus or drop off a sample produced at home.

2. Sample production – at the clinic or at home


If you prefer to produce the sample at home please be informed that the sample needs to be delivered within 60 minutes of production and kept as warm as possble until drop off. You can pick up a sterile pot at Medicus beforehand.

3. Results


Results will be available on the same day and we can get them back to you using your prefered method. We will explain the results to you, inform you what they indicate and give you advise on what can be done going forward. And of course we will answer any questions you may have.

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