Fertility Check

Do you wonder why you can’t seem to get pregnant? Or, are you curious about your fertility? The fertility check gives you answers. You can visit us alone or with a partner. This also is the first step you would take if you have assisted fertilization. It helps us determine the right treatment method for you and develop the path forward.

Customized and personalized check


Get a thorough fertility check adapted to your situation and history.

Advice for you going forward


Experienced experts give you advice about the next steps and help you along the way to building your family.

No waiting time


Many people have already experienced waiting a long time to have a child, With Medicus, you get an appointment quickly without an unnecessary waiting time.

Examination of the woman

Examination of the man

Free no-obligation conversation about having a child

Fertility coaching

Why Choose Medicus?

Have you taken a fertility check at another clinic?

Some find they have not always received good answers to their fertility issues, even after undergoing a fertility check/examination at other clinics. You are welcome to a new review with us.

If you know you want treatment and have already taken a fertility check, we can normally use those test results without you needing another fertility check. In some cases, if it has been a long time since the test samples were taken, we will need to do a new hormone sample from the woman or a new sperm sample from the man, so we can have the information we need to start your treatment.

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