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What is a fertilitycheck?

The fertilitycheck provieds answers to how your fertility is – and what your next steps may be.

This check is also the first step for starting assisted reproduction treatment, and helps us find the best course of treatment for you. 

Have you experienced not being taken seriously before? Our employees will do that. Thoroughness is our philosophy. In other words: We examine what is needed to provide you with the security and answers you seek . 

Who is the fertilitycheck for?

This is a service for those who:

Be taken seriously

Skreddersydd Sjekk

he fact that we do this every day is a security for you. Get answers to questions and avoid uncertainty and unnecessary worries. 

Tailored check

Kunnskap Gir Trygghet

Get all examinations and tests in one place. The fertilitycheck is thorough and adapted to your starting point and history. 

Advice on the way forward

Rad Om Veien Videre

Experts with more than 20 years of experience gives not only advice on the next steps, but also helps you get started with the potential treatment. 

How much does it cost?

The price will depend on how much that needs to be examined, but you have to expect from 2900,- for a couple. For individuals, the prices range from 1500,- for men and 1900,- for women. See our pricelist for more information on whats included. 

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Frequently asked questions

We always adapt the fertilitycheck to your needs, but normally the fertilitycheck includes

  • blood tests to map your hormone levels (including AMH and FSH), your general health status and risk of contamination.
  • medical history
  • gynecological examination
  • ultrasound examination of the uterus and ovaries
  • examination of fallopian tube function

The examinations performed:

  • semen examination at the laboratory
  • with reduced sperm quality, hormone samples are also taken.
  • sometimes there will also be an examination of external genitalia, especially the testicles and spermatic cord, as well as the prostate gland in regards to infection or nodules

At Medicus our sperm analysis has been made to asses not only that you have sperm, but also factors that can affect the quality of your sperm. From these results we can create a treatmentplan to potentially improve your spermquality and give you the best outcome. You can read more about it here. 

Du have to be sexual abstinent for a minimum of 2 days, but no longer than 3 days before the sample is provided. Too short or too long abstinence can affect the sample and the assessment of it. You can provide the sample at the clinic or at home. If you provide it at home,y you can buy sample tubes/urine tubes at the pharmacie. In addition we must have the sample in the lab within 30 minutes after the sample has been provided. The sample should be stored warm during transport to the clinic, e.g . in the armpit.

We know, and collaborate with gynecologists in most places in the country and can often set up a plan where tests and physical examinations can be done near where you live. We are happy to combine this with a digital consultation where we plan this together.

The examinations are performed by one of our experienced gynecologists. The samples that are taken are analyzed in the lab by our embryologists.

Some may experience that they have not always recieved good enough answers, even though they have undergone a fertilitycheck/assessment previously. Then you are welcome to a new assessment with us.

If you know you want treatment and have already taken a fertility check somewhere else, we can normally use those test results without you needing another fertility check. In some cases, if it has been a long time since the test samples were taken, we will need to do a new hormone sample from the woman or a new sperm sample from the man, so we can have the information we need to start your treatment.

You can take the blood test at our clinic, at your regular doctors office or at the laboratory at the hospital. Normally it is not necessary to book an appointment to have blood tests.

The consultation itself takes only 30-60 minutes. If you have taken a blood- and/or sperm test in advance, all the test results will normally be available at this consultation and you will have answers and advice on the sam day as the consultation.

We have a short waiting time to have a fertilitycheck. With us, you can start when you want to.

Yes, the introductory chat can be done digitally. We will then plan the way forward with any physical examinations that is needed. You can read more about digital consultations here (Norwegian only).

There are many reasons to choose to get help with your dream of having a child from us. We have written an article about this here (Norwegian only).

Get answers – book a fertility check today

You can easily book an appointment for a fertility check through our online booking.

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