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Pregnant with egg donation.

Wondering if you need egg donation to get pregnant? Or are you aware that this must be the solution, and want to know how egg donation works?

We are ready to welcome you at one of our clinics, guide and answer any questions that you might have.

Short waiting time

We work with theFinnish egg bank Ovumia Oyto ensure that we have fast and good access to donor eggs.

When you contact us, we will immediately set up an appointment for an examination. If you have already been examinated, send us the documentation. The fertility doctor then takes an evaluation before moving on to the next step: freezing semen.

Same-sex couples can donate eggs to each other, but unfortunately can not receive donor eggs from an egg bank.

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What is the egg donation process?

The man´s frozen sperm is sent to the egg bank in Finland. There, the Finnish donor egg is fertilized. Then the fertilized egg is frozen and sent to us in Medicus. We thaw it and insert it into the woman’s uterus.

Who can get egg donation?

A good amount of women experience that their egg quality is not good enough to get pregnant, or that their ovaries do not produce eggs. The most common reasons for that is:

  • genetics
  • age
  • early menopause
  • disease

If you have tried to get pregnant with IVF, and the doctor think that you will not succeed, then egg donation may be the next step.

Unfortunately, there are still some the law does not include. Beacause the Biotechnology Act requires that the identity of one party must be known, single woman cannot receive egg donation. Not two women either, unless the egg is donated by the co-mother (partner donation).

How is the egg donor selected?

Just like with sperm donation, your doctor will select an egg donor for you. Once the semen is frozen, it´s time to find a suitable donor. The donor is selected based on the desired physical characteristics, and the mother’s appearance is taken as a starting point. It is the doctor who ultimately chooses a suitable donor, and makes sure that you get genetic material that is as similar as possible to the mother.

The donor will will be unknown to you, but can not be anonymous. Therefore, the child has the right to know the donor’s identity when he or she turns 15 years old.

Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately, you can not do that. It is still not allowed to get eggs donated from family and friends, because the law requires the donor to remain anonymous until the child is 15 years old. Only then can the child know the identity of the donor.

Yes, she can. The law states that the child must have a biological connection to one of the parents, and in this case that becomes the co-mother.

The number of eggs will vary somewhat for biological reasons, but you will usually get 2 fertilized eggs of good quality (blastocysts). If you become pregnant at first insertion, you can freeze the second blastocyst and possibly use it for a sibling.

You also have the opportunity to buy several blastocysts from the same donor and save for siblings – if you want the children to have the same donor.

There are some requirements for the donor that increases the chance that the eggs will be of high quality, for example that the woman must be between 25 and 35 years old. To qualify as a donor, she must undergo a fertility examination with blood tests and ultrasound to ensure good quality of the eggs.

All women can have one or two cycles with lower egg quality, so we never know for sure how many eggs the embryologist will have to work with. Per usual, we end up with a minimum of 2 blastocysts.

Achieving 2 high-quality blastocysts costs NOK 90,000. If there are fewer or more blastocysts, there will be either a reduction or increase in the price of NOK 15,000. Will it be e.g. only one blastocyst, the price is reduced to NOK 75,000. If you achieve 3 or more blastocysts, the price will be NOK 105,000. In addition, there are costs for the examination. Find out more about costs here

Normally the whole process takes 3-5 months.

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