Early ultrasound

Early ultrasound and ultrasound later in pregnancy

Does it feel too long to wait until week 18 for your ultrasound? Maybe you’re a little worried and want to check to make sure everything is ok? With us, you get early ultrasound between weeks 6 and 12 to ease any concerns. In addition, with some of our gynecologists, you can get a follow-up ultrasound later in your pregnancy.

Feel safer


Sometimes it may be good to get a confirmation that everything seems normal.

Experienced specialists


At Medicus, the ultrasound is performed by an experienced specialist in the field of gynecology.

No waiting time


Book your appointment today and have your ultrasound completed quickly.

Common reasons why couples want early and later ultrasounds during pregnancy:

We have gynecologists who can perform early ultrasound at our clinics in Trondheim, Oslo and Stavanger.

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