Digital consultation with our experts

Talk to the clinic's experts - at home from the living room

We don’t always need physical examinations to help you.

You can now get advice, guidance and answers to questions without having to show up at the clinic. With our secure video solution, you can talk to us via the screen, either on your PC, phone or tablet.

You can have any examinations and blood tests at a later date, at one of our clinics or at a local gynecologist where you live. After a chat, we know more about whatyou need.

This is how you get started

Why choose digital consultation?

Short distance - no matter what

Skreddersydd Sjekk

Avoid uncertainty and unnecessary worries. With digital conversations, there is a low threshold and a short way to good advice and expertise help.

Secure digital solution


Secure solutions take care of your privacy according to all the rules of the law. The call is encrypted and is not stored anywhere.

Stay safe at home


With conversation via screen, both you and we are on the safe side in terms of the risk of Covid 19.

Services that can be performed completely or partially digitally

Fertility and assisted reproduction

Women’s health and gynecology:

Here's how to proceed

1. The first thing you need to do is book your appointment via a secureonline form.

2. When it’s time for your call, log in via this link. This is the same link that you will receive together with the time confirmation.

Technical tips and advice for the good conversation