Stories from patients

Stories from other couples about meeting with an IVF clinic

Here you can read about how other couples have experienced meeting with our IVF clinic.

The story of Benjamin

Our Benjamin came to the world after 5 attempts with the help of the IVF clinic by Medicus. He is our “reference” that we gladly share with you.

We know what it’s like to start the process of getting help to have children. The thoughts, uncertainty, and questions surrounding this are many.

The choice of IVF clinic can be difficult. The goal for all of us who are trying is common: getting a child. And then we will have the best treatment. We chose Medicus and we are happy! The people at Medicus met our demands. From day one we were greeted with a seriousness, coupled with high competence, understanding and kindness.

We felt good about ourselves from the very beginning and felt relaxed and safe at the choice of clinic. Always time for questions and available all the time. We could have written page up and page down about positive experiences at Medicus. We know that the people at Medicus contributed largely to the fact that we as couples could lower our shoulders and live a rather normal life during the treatment period.

We hope you read this success no matter which clinic you choose. Medicus was a good choice for us and we strongly recommend them.

There were some attempts at us before we succeeded, but the reason we were able to try so many times was simply that we felt so well taken care of by Medicus that we did not want to give up on ourselves. The downs were short, the climb resulted in a son called Benjamin who wakes at five o’clock in the morning, has got a tooth and rolls around on the floor like a microfiber mop.

David, and Benjamin

The feeling of getting “home”

We felt we were taken care of at the IVF Clinic at Medicus from the very beginning. Although childlessness is a difficult topic, we always felt that there was room for a light and nice tone. One also needs humor in this, it’s our experience!

The intimate atmosphere of Medicus gives the feeling of coming “home” to someone, instead of being in an institution.

Although we had both ups and downs in treatment, we felt that the support and optimism of being able to succeed was always in focus.

At Medicus, they always take time to talk if they need it, even if we know they’re in a hurry. All this was contributed to the fact that we chose just Medicus, and that we recommend these wonderful people to anyone who needs some help to get their wish fulfilled .

Kristin and Thor Martin

Expecting an October girl

We highly recommend Medicus. We felt welcome and cared for from our first phone call.

We had three withdrawals before we became pregnant, and the support along the way was invaluable. Have the impression that they work very professionally and have long experience with the trials. The fact that you could call at any time if you were unsure of something, gave us an extra peace of mind as there is a part to get into from the start.

Now we are expecting a little girl in October, and we must thank Medicus for:)

Ingrid Julia & Are

Friendly and professional

We can certainly recommend treatment at Medicus. We have been there several times and the reception, information and treatment are quite impeccable.

Those who work there must probably be among the most professional in their field. You are greeted with kindness whenever you get in touch.

Gulli Victoria and Terje

Parents of ICSI-girl

The reason we chose to take treatment at Medicus was primarily that there is no waiting time. It quickly became clear to us that we had chosen right when we were already under the paper, the harmonious environment and the always attentive staff were experienced.

They also have a great humor that made us more relaxed with the whole situation. In addition, we feel that it has been very reassuring to know that we have always been able to contact them if we had questions, even outside of working hours.

Whatever we have wondered, we have been taken seriously, and that means very much when you are going through this treatment. For us, the good follow-up we have been receiving makes a difficult situation a little easier.

Parents of an ICSI-girl

Help when we need it

I have experienced treatment in the clinic as highly professional, and have met with very personal and considerate attitude from the staff. The clinic is welcoming and radiates with a cosy atmosphere that puts visitors at ease.

I have also appreciated the extra touch, and extra service in situations when business couples, such as we are, had to adjust treatments based on our time needs – which happened to collide with the summer holiday season. Yet we have been met with understanding and help exactly when we needed it. Our Mutual efforts succeeded finally on the third attempt, giving birth to a beautiful girl with accompaniments of horn music, flags and formality in the afternoon of May 17th at St. Olavs Hospital.

I would like to warmly recommend Medicus to everybody who might be in a need of services offered.