We focus on clinical trials

Clinical trials are one of our main focus areas. Medical Director Terje Sørdal has participated in many clinical studies since 1992. Now, Medicus employs a dedicated team who work exclusively on clinical trials.

We are experienced in clinical studies from phases 2 to 4. These studies included between 5-160 project participants. In many of the studies we were the prinsipal investigator and actively participated in the extensive work to get the studies approved.

However, when certain studies fall outside of our areas of expertise, we source and hire the necessary experts to complete the study.

At Medicus, you meet:

“We will be a significant partner for pharmaceutical companies to assist with clinical trials. We will thoroughly immerse ourselves in the study’s protocol and conduct the trial according to the protocol. We will give access to the contracting authority and public authorities, set aside time for meetings and visits, and best accommodate the company’s representative during visits to the center and at inspections.”

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